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Processing tool

For help of Pearl and the frame, pasting of the sky [pearl fix clip paste assistant kun]

Pearl Tweezers

Pearl Tweezers No. 2

H125-2-05 3-5.5mm spring rate 05 8,600 yen
H125-2-10 3-5.5mm spring rate 10 8,600 yen

Pearl Tweezers No. 3

H125-3-05 6-8.5mm spring rate 05
8,600 yen
H125-3-10 6-8.5mm spring rate 108,600 yen

Pearl Tweezers No. 4

H125-4-05 9-13mm spring rate 05 8,600 yen
H125-4-10 9-13mm spring rate 10 8,600 yen
For more details, from this

Bamboo Tweezers

Bamboo Tweezers
H122 University 27cm ¥640

H121 small 20cm ¥560


Grasp; scissors


H1522,150 yen
Polyester Thread, Nylon Thread, silk, cutting of the Temporary Thread.


H1569,450 yen
It is super hard scissors for exclusive use of GPT Thread and the aramid fiber.
Even as for the GPT Thread which I cannot cut with the common scissors
The microedge of the blade part does not miss fiber
As I catch it, I cut it just as wanted
I can do it.

Is limited Wire; a tool

Pliers for the Stopper

H283S※With the business closing of the maker, it is discontinuance of making.
Can crush Stopper equally,
 There is a gap of about 1mm in the pliers point.


Rubber clip Plier both circles type

H2701,400 yen

Both rubber clip Plier flat types

H2711,330 yen

4.5 sun of tapering Plier

H2211,500 yen

4.5 sun of ishiryu Plier

H2221,600 yen
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