Specialized Equipment For Pearls.Yotsuba Co.,Ltd.


Our Business Maker

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It's our agency.(When you order to us, we discount 30% from the price.)

It is a maker of the polishing machine which we handle.


Industry Related Company

PCK Meeting(Japanese Only)
It is the public information organization where it was established "Pearl City Kobe" widely.

NPO One Pearl(Japanese Only)
We work to protect the environment where pearl oysters grow.

International Jewellery Kobe(Japanese and English)
Western Japan's Largest Jewellery Trade Fair.

Japan Pearl Exporters'Association(Japanese and English)
It's the group for the purpose of a development of pearl export trade and a improvement of quality.

Japan Pearl Promotion Society(Japanese Only)
It is the trade giroup from pearl production to sale.

Japan Black Pearl Import Meeting JBP(Japanese Only)
It is the group which a Japanese main black pearl import company and Tahiti pearl producer combination.

Association of National Pearl Farming Fishery Co-op Society(Japanese Only)
They investigate, study and sell Akoya pearl and cultured jointly.

Pearl Institute Co., LTD (Japanese and English)
They investigate, study and sell Akoya pearl and clutured jointly.

Pearl Farming Business Summary of Mie(Japanese Only)
They collect the statistics of pearl farming production.(Knowledge about pearl farming)

Mie Technology Promotion Center Fisheries Research Department(Japanese Only)
They investigate and announce seawater temperature of Ago-wan Bay, plankton information.