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Necklace Stainless Wires

Necklace Stainless Wires
MBNE32C0.32o Clear Coating1×7\7,850/1000M
MBNE40C0.4o Clear Coating1×7\7,850/1000M
MBNE40W0.4o White Coating1×7\7,850/1000M
MBNE60C0.6o Clear Coating1×7\8,000/1000M
MCNE24C0.24o Clear Coating1×7\940/100M
MCNE24W0.24o White Coating1×7\940/100M
MCNE32C0.32o Clear Coating1×7\840/100M
MCNE32W0.32o White Coating1×7\840/100M
MCNE36C0.36oClear Coating1×7\840/100M
MCNE36W0.36o White Coating1×7\840/100M
MCNE40C0.4oClear Coating1×7\840/100M
MCNE40W0.4o White Coating1×7\840/100M
MCNE60C0.6o Clear Coating1×7\1,200/100M
MCNE45C0.45o Clear Coating1×7\730/100M
※All stainless wires are made in Japan.

※Only 0.6mm stainless wire can not use the MAKR and MAKG stoppers.

1×7  ・・・  7 stainless wires finish one wire.